How to Disable Opera Inbuilt Adblocker For A Specific Site

Opera Browser has inbuilt adblocker application. Which can block all types of advertising from a webpage? Opera adblocker removes advertising code and you will see a clean page without any ad. But you don’t know as a result, many webmasters lose lots of money.

Basically mostly online business depends on advertising. They can’t earn anything if you are using an adblocker program. Some websites use anti-adblockers plugins to block you from accessing the content of their website. If you are using any adblocker extension and the website using anti-adblocker, then you will see the below message:

“Sorry, we detects your AdBlock extension is active.”

“Please turn off/remove your adblock extension first before browsing this site!”

Opera Adblocker: Sorry we detect your Adblock extension is active. Please turn off or remove the Adblock extension before browsing this site first

To see the content, you will need to disable adblocker extension for the website or you can exclude the site from blocking ads. If you are facing such problem or you want to exclude any website from blocking ads by Opera Adblocker program, then here I will tell how you can disable Opera Adblocker for a specific website/blog.

How to Exclude a website from Opera adblocker?

If you have activated Opera adblocker, then you will see an adblocker icon on right side in the site address bar. Follow the steps below to disable adblocker for a specific site:

  • When you need to disable Opera adblocker for a website or blog, simply open the website, After opening click on the Adblocker icon available on the right side of the browser address bar.
  • After the click, you will see Privacy Protection menu, Now click on the blue Turn off for this site button which is available below the x ads blocked on this page heading.


Now you have successfully disabled Opera browser adblocker extension for a specific website.

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