10 Useful Tips for Xiaomi MIUI – Mi or Redmi Series Smartphones

If you’re a Xiaomi Mobile phone lover, then you would like to learn some cool tips for your Mi or Redmi Series phone. These tips will help you to gain extra performance on your MIUI OS based phone. Maybe with some you are aware and some with not. But for those who don’t know, these will make their phone user experience much easier than before.

Every android phone has many options that we never check. Some of them increase our Phone battery life, enhance privacy, Block Internet to specific apps, Run two apps on a single device, Track your phone, Share Internet data, Record Screen, Reset Phone, etc. So in this post, you’ll learn some features of the Xiaomi MiUi 9.5 OS, that will extend your Xiaomi phone battery life and performance will improve.

Useful tips for Mi – Redmi Phone Users

Here, I’m listing 10 Xiaomi Android phone tips. These will increase your Xiaomi Android Phone Battery life, protect your privacy & many more.

(1) How to Lock Apps with AppLock on Xiaomi Phones

If you have Xiaomi Android Phone, then you’ll not need to install an Applock application for locking apps with the password. AppLock app is must for every smartphone because we also store some sensitive information and data on our phone. So an Applock application can protect our data from others. To Block an app using Xiaomi Applock follow the steps below:

  • Go to Phone Settings, and scroll down to the App Settings section.
  • Under the App Settings section, tap on the App lock option.
  • In the App lock, select your app by tapping on the app and the gray icon will be changed to blue. After picking the preferred app tap on the Set Password button.
  • Next, You can set a Pattern or Password, it also depends on the method which you are currently using on your phone. So if you have setup Pattern previously, then it will ask you to draw a pattern based lock. Draw and redraw to confirm it and tap on the Next Button.
  • Next, it will ask you to Sign in to Mi account. It is must because if you forget the password of the Applock, then you can’t unblock the apps without logging into the Mi Account. If you want to sign in or Sign up, then tap on the Sign in & add button and follow the on-screen instructions. Otherwise, tap on the Not now you can link applock to Mi account later.

Once you lock your apps with applock, Nobody will be able to access any locked app. If anybody wants to see, it is must to enter the correct password. If you don’t know, then without logging into Mi account or without resetting the phone, it will not be possible.

(2) How to Turn Off the Internet to a specific app

As you know, if you have multiple apps installed on your phone, once you enable then all the apps to start using Internet data. Some apps continue to use Internet data even when running in the background, and this eliminates too much of your data. To disabled access all apps you should read this Post: Block Internet Access to Apps on Xiaomi MIUI 9.5.

(3) Run Dual apps without any app

It is another system inbuilt feature, which allows you to run two same apps your phone. Previously for this, we always need to install Parallel Space like applications but with the Xiaomi Dual Apps option you can quickly create and run an app with two different ID on the same device. To create and run Dual Apps on Xiaomi Mi or Redmi Phone

  • Go to Settings, and scroll down the page to the App Settings section.
  • Now, tap on the Dual apps option.
  • In the Dual apps find your app and tap on the toggle button. Which is available on the right side of every app.
  • Once you tap on the toggle button, Turn on Google services box will appear on the screen, tap on the Turn on button to create a separate Google service to working your dual apps correctly, otherwise tap on the Cancel button.
  • Now, System will create another same app with separate space.

When you think to disable Dual apps feature for your app, you will need to follow all the above points and will need to tap on the Toggle button again to turn off the Dual apps feature.

(4) Control App Permission to protect your Privacy

When you install any app on your phone, it asks for some permissions such as Calls, Storage, Contacts, Camera, Calendar, Location, Microphone, etc. You should also check all the applications that have come pre-installed in your phone. Because you should not allow an app, which is asking for unwanted permissions. Suppose you have installed a wallpaper app from Google Play Store and it is asking for Microphone or Call access then it asking for additional permissions and can control or record each call or voice anytime from your phone. So, check authorization and save your privacy. You can find the related settings under the Settings ⇒ Permissions. Just go inside the Permissions and disable unwanted permission to keep yourself safe and secure.

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(5) Save Battery on Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi Phones

We always see the battery drain problem on every Android device. The main reason for this is that many Android apps continue runs in the background. If we don’t close apps, these also run on the ram and use CPU power, which causes and battery drains much faster. You can try these tips on your phone to reduce the battery consumption:

Use Battery Saver:

It is one best feature, which comes inbuilt into the System Settings. The Xiaomi Battery Saver can incredibly enhance your phone’s battery performance. But before you need to understand how to use it.

The Battery Saving function is available in the Phone Settings ⇒ Battery  ⇒ Power, and you will see the following options:

Battery Saver: You would have noticed that once your Battery goes down below 20% and your phone starts asking for enabling Battery Saver. Once you allowed, it stopped all unnecessary processes running in the background. But keep remembering the phone performance will be also reduced.

To enable battery saver, go into the battery saver and turn on the toggle button of it. You can also schedule the Battery Saver, and it will automatically start on the time and will stop the same. If you don’t like this to enable, then you should try below options.

Battery Use: You can use this option to see which app or Hardware is consuming extra power. So later you can block that app via below option.

App Battery Saver: In this option, you can stop the background process of those apps that are aggressively using battery power in the background. It will block them to start their services and saves battery power.

Reduce Screen Brightness level:

As when we continue to use our phone screen battery backup also depends on the screen brightness. You can also check the Battery consumption of the screen inside the Battery Use option. So always try to use low brightness, and you’ll be surprised to see battery backup magically extended. You can also enable the Auto Brightness option in the Notification bar options. Or you can go inside the Settings ⇒ Display ⇒ Brightness level, and use it according to your suitability.

Clear Apps from Memory:

When you open an app and don’t close by pressing back key, then it will continue to run on the Ram. It is not a background process, so Battery saver won’t help on this. So you’ll need to clear it from memory manually. The things can be done via two ways: 1) Using Recent apps on screen key or 2) via third-party app.

  1. Recent Apps: Every phone comes with three default on-screen key at the bottom of the screen. One is Recent Apps, the middle is Home Key and third key works as the Back button. So, Press the 3 Horizontal line key, and you’ll see all opened application list. Which you can see by swiping from right to left, and can close by swiping from bottom to top. There is also a ⊗ available at the bottom, which you can tap to kill all running apps.
  2. Third Party App: If you want to use a third-party app for clearing apps from memory, then you can install a best-rated app from Google Play Store.

(6) Track your Mobile Without any app

Do you know that Xiaomi has its Mobile tracking feature? If you don’t know, then You will be using the third party app. So, if you want to much batter tracking feature use its own Find My Device option. This feature will be automatically enabled when you connect your phone to Mi account. You can check the Find My Device status in the Settings  ⇒ Security Status ⇒ Find My Device. 

(7) Share Mobile Data Without WiFi

Sharing Mobile Internet Data is a too much easy task because we only need to open Mobile and WiFi Hotspot option. But what if you want to connect your phone Mobile data to PC and your Computer doesn’t have WiFi  then what will you do? If you don’t know, I’m going to explain here:

Via  USB Tethering:

Just like every Android Phone, Xiaomi MiUi OS based Phone also offers the same feature. You will need a Data cable which you can unplug from your Xiaomi charger cable and connect it with your phone and PC or Laptop. Once you plugged, the phone will show you check box and when you enable the USB tethering option your phone mobile data will start sharing with your pc and you can browse any site directly from PC. This option is available in the Settings ⇒ More.

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Via Bluetooth Tethering:

If you don’t have a data cable but your Computer or Laptop has Bluetooth feature, then the feature can be used same as USB Tethering. This option is also available in the Settings ⇒ More.

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(8) Keyboard Language & Input Method.

Xiaomi Phone comes with two type Google Keyboards 1) Gboard, 2) Google Indic keyboard. From them, I always prefer to use Gboard because Gboard doesn’t track your activity data and don’t store your data on the Google servers. If you use Google Indic Keyboard, then it always records every word and stores on the Google Account. For example you typed a password via Google Indic Keyboard, then it will be saved to your Google account as well. So it will create a big privacy issue if you don’t want Google to track your privacy chats data such as on WhatsApp. Then you should not use Google Indic Keyboard. To change Keyboard in the Xiaomi MiUi phone Go to Settings ⇒ Additional Settings ⇒ Languages & input ⇒ Current Keyboard. 

Learn More: Language and Input (Keyboard) Settings on Android Oreo 8.0.

(9) Record Screen

It is a handy feature. if you like to capture Your phone screen, then you can use Xiaomi Record Screen app, which is available in the Tools Folder. So whenever you need to make a video on your Xiaomi Android Phone, then you should use its Screen Recorder app.

(10) Backup and Reset

When the phone doesn’t work correctly or you have misconfigured it then Resetting your phone can solve the issue. You can go inside the phone Settings ⇒ Additional Settings ⇒ Backup and reset. But before doing the reset, take a backup of your phone installed apps, saved contacts, messages using any proper data backup application. Otherwise, you will lose everything. So always take care of the thing.

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More tips will come soon. If you know anyone, please let me know in the comment box, I will try to add in this article.

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